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A Tweed Suit is the pinnacle of classic style. No matter what you combine it with you will always look sharp and good. You can design your own version or stick with the classic grey or brown tweed Suit. Buy your tweed suit online.

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Choose the size of the lapels of your tweed suit, the type of pockets and the inner lining that you prefer. Your new tweed suit will be a basic garment for you, a classic option with your own personalised details. You can also make it a 3 piece tweed suit by adding a vest on the second step of the designing process.

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Perfect Simplicity

Fantastic concept I was a little dubious at first but gave it a go. Perfect fit. Good quality. Excellent service. One word of advice get someone to measure you who knows what they are doing.

Ian Shepherd - United Kingdom


I can only recommend Hockerty

I have over ten suits from Hockerty. Still from the time when the company still called Tailor4Less. I am satisfied with every single suit from the fabric over the quality to the fit top! Also in the next week, I will again order five new suits at Hockerty so I am satisfied with the goods! I can only recommend Hockerty!

Lukas S - Switzerland


Extremely satisfied

This is the second suit I ordered from you and I am extremely satisfied with it. Thank you very much. It won't be the last suit from you!

Joachim M - Switzerland

About our Tweed Suits for men

A Tweed Suit was originally worn by the British when they went out for hunting due to the resistance and durability of the material. Today. tweed suits are unique garments among other suits. You can choose to design classics like a Brown Tweed Suit or a Grey Tweed Suit. The consistency of the fabric and its appearance make tweed suits a simple alternative for your fall-winter wardrobe. . You probably know where to buy your tweed suit near you, but we have to tell you that Hockerty is closer than you think. We are 24h a day on your computer or mobile phone so you can order today and have your tweed suit for men at your door in just 2 weeks. The best affordable tweed suit is waiting for you at Hockerty.

What is a tweed suit?


Tweed is a wool fabric which stands out because it is rough and woven. It comes from Ireland and Scottland where it was used as an informal attire because of its endurance and outwear warm properties. Because of its history, it could also be associated with poor working men or be considered as a low-class suit, but those, if ever true, are certainly, things from the past. Now it is closely linked to the gentleman values and outfits, maybe thanks to Netflix. 

Are tweed suits warm?


Because of its woven and the way the trims are, tweed is warmer than other wool fabrics. However, there are many kinds of tweed. The weight is important to know how warm they are. We know tweed fabrics are getting really popular because of the vintage wedding trend and Peaky Blinders, so it is something to be considered for summer day weddings. Choose unlined jacket option if you want a lighter and fresher tweed suit. This is why some people consider tweed as a 3 season suit so they try to avoid it during summer.

So, what season should I wear a tweed suit? As far as it is comfortable for you, you can wear it all year long, below your overcoat or as an outwear jacket. Then during summer, you will have to consider the external temperature and check the weight of the fabric and unlined jacket options.

Is a tweed suit warm for winter? Depending on where you live, in some places, it can be a good outwear winter jacket, in others, you will actually need a good overcoat. 

Is a tweed suit itchy? The tweed fabric from your suit jacket shouldn't be in contact with your skin. In addition, some tweed fabrics are softer than a standard wool mill. 

Is tweed breathable? While it is true that it is warm, it is yet breathable. All wool fabrics are breathable as they keep the same natural purpose as with the sheep: keep it warm but letting the airflow. The level of breathability will depend on the kind of tweed fabric and its thickness.

Are tweed suits fashionable?


More than ever in the last 30 years. Rustic wedding celebrations, Shelby family outfits (Peaky Blinders), the return of the classic gentleman standards, and also companies as Hockerty allowing everyone to get an affordable high-quality tweed suit are making this trend something that will last. It is the moment to buy a tweed suit, tweed suits are definitely in style.

About our Tweed Suits


Hockerty has been offering tailor-made tweed neb suits at affordable prices for over 10 years.  Our products are handmade. That means we don't start producing your tweed suit until we receive your order. This way we preserve our sustainable and fair trade in the fashion industry.

Is tweed waterproof?


While tweed was created to be water-resistant to a certain point, it is definitely not the jacket recommended for heavy rain. You can wear it with light rain. Can I waterproof my tweed suit? We wouldn't recommend you to apply any waterproof solution to our tweed fabrics as they could spoil them.

Does tweed shrink?


If you wash it, yes. So, the solution is always taking your tweed suit to the laundry shop. So, please, don't wash your tweet suit.

When to wear a tweed suit?


The good thing about tweed suits is that they are not too formal and not casual. They provide you with a sophisticated gentleman look. It is perfect for some office dress code, but also after-work events. If you are invited to a rustic-inspired wedding it is the perfect attire. And if you want to be a Peaky Blinder, this is the perfect attire to become a new member of the most popular gang.

What shoes to wear with a tweed suit?


As it is not the most formal suit, it allows you to add many kinds of shoes. Brown shoes combine really good and tweed fabrics allow you to show off a little bit more. The gentleman outfit pushes you to have good looking shoes.

Where to buy a tweed suit?


Easiest question: at Hockerty. Where the bespoke tweed suit is available online. We have the best selection of tweed mills starting at very affordable prices.  Select your favorite tweed fabric online and add all the details so you can buy a perfect fitting tweed suit and receive it at home in just 2 weeks. So, click on "design now" or choose a tweed suit from our collections and customize it to your likings.

Tweed suit for an interview?


This is very personal. It depends on what position you are applying and what you want to explain about yourself. If you are applying for a bank position, maybe the best option is wearing a standard wool suit. If a tweed suit helps you explain something about yourself in terms of creativity, style, or makes you feel really comfortable, go for it. If not, a wool suit is your choice.

Tweed suit with elbow patches?


There is no right answer to it. It's your choice and you have the option to add them as an extra in our configurator. It is true that tweed jackets are one of the most popular ones to add this extra option. So, if you had it in mind, try different color and go ahead with it.

Tweed and British Style


Tweed was originally used by British farmers because of its durability and longevity. However, tweed suits are now a special feature among suits. The different color of dyed wool, the feel of the fabric and its appearance make the tweed suit a wonderful alternative in your fall/winter wardrobe.

Tweed Wedding Suit


Tweed has long been worn not only in winter. Since vintage and outdoor weddings became more and more popular, tweed suits have also become more interesting. Especially in spring, summer and fall, many couples decide to organize their wedding outside. Color combinations of pastel pink, grey and gold are very popular with wedding planners. A tweed wedding suit is, therefore, the best choice for the groom. But also tweed suits for guests are very popular and are often seen at vintage and outdoor weddings. So, can I wear a tweed suit to a wedding? Yes, you can. Think about how the wedding will be. Wearing a tweed suit will always be a little riskier as it can be perceived as a little bit less formal, but especially when the style of the wedding is going to be vintage or rustic, it will match perfectly. 




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